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critical. Mains power supply is usually dependable but there are times when power may fail. In such instances a backup source of power is essential to ensure your appliances keep running. In industrial environments generators are even more indispensable since power loss can mean production loss. In both residential and industrial applications it pays to choose the right generator.

Stationary vs Portable for domestic purpose
For most homeowners who need power backup in emergency situations the choice comes down to portable or stationary systems. One can buy new generators or one can buy used generators, in which case get it from a reliable source that fully reconditions the unit prior to selling it to you and backs it with guarantees. The portable generator is simple to operate and is available in petrol or gas models. It may have a standard generator that outputs single phase 240V AC that can be hooked up to the mains through a suitable control panel with a rating of 1KVA to 3KVA, sufficient for most households. In areas where power failure is a common occurrence Boston Red Sox Jersey , it is better to opt for stationary generators with a higher power capacity and a degree of automation. Automation may be in the form of automatic changeover to standby unit in case of power failure and switch off when power resumes, through a control panel or generator switchgear. One may opt for a petrol or diesel generator with remote switch onswitch off capability.

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