#1 It is both the symbol of replica handbags evil disaster prevention von joeychen 21.11.2016 04:02

For Chinese people, red has always so significant, it is both the symbol of replica handbags evil disaster prevention, as well as revived the transfer of good wishes, gorgeous gorgeous bloom infinite vitality. In the occasion of New Year's bell sounded, from France's top gathering place of original design Bali Ma black area of ??high end fashion brand Kesslord (Kay poetry Rhodes), especially for the upcoming 2013 China launched the Chinese New Year red handbag, in auspicious wishful Sound blessing, the transfer brand pursue fashion design classic spirit in the process. This is to celebrate the traditional Chinese New Year and tailor decide handbags, combines both brand-specific Marais century leather craft and elegant French style, is also Kesslord march to the Chinese market for the gift of. Kesslord Chinese New Year red patent leather handbags selection of red fabric, the bag body silhouetted against the bright and shining. The metal element hot season then add color to add bricks engraved with the brand logo of a small brass ring retro chic, with some paint Pete smooth feel, let the winter often fall in the soft fur of dazzling chic bags, as brand The heritage Marais unique style of fashion attitude, strong publicity, lovely free and easy. Brand designer to ancient Chinese architectural columns, beams, eaves structure inspired, gives this well-designed for the Chinese New Year of the unique cultural heritage of handbags, looming like a garden in the south of the chic little garden. Retro striking woodcut-style logo buckle, a unique metallic copper eaves show package handbags perfect three-dimensional lines. Smile like a stuck like little ears to be received can be put in the joy of the festive atmosphere, secretly spread of French humor, the kind of smile and generous heartfelt festive show to go through the crowd. Bags elongated design highlights the professional women's elegant and generous, filling the aristocratic temperament sweet. Large capacity allows documents Millia, this figure will certainly wipe red unlimited accumulation of toms sko outlet positive energy in the years after the work before the holiday.

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