#1 Copies often not very well imitate a real replique rolex model von joeychen 21.11.2016 04:08

How to spot a genuine Rolex: 1. copies often not very well imitate a real replique rolex model, but its basic characteristics. Most times, a fake mechanism can be seen thanks to the transparent casing. Inside it, the pieces Rolex logo appears. Why someone would submit such a watch pirate effort to engrave signs? Ultimately it does not matter, because Rolex has ever produced in its history clock back a skeletal, specifically with transparent casing. 2. However, there are children successful that only connoisseurs can detect them as such. Most models Rolex displays date to be visible has a magnifier attached able to increase it by 2.5 times. For children, time is increased only by 1.5 times, because instead of using magnifying glass. Also, in some cases magnifier is not centered correctly over date. 3. All Rolex models manufactured after 2002 include a security feature: into 6 o'clock on the dial shows a microscopic representation of the sign representing Rolex crown. 90% of fakes on the market do not display this item, and those who do, have signed a visible symbol worse. 4. Another element of security Rolex hologram is a sticker attached to the back of the clock. The hologram is represented Rolex logo and a number. Copies either do not have this hologram or sticker shows a compact. 5. Every Rolex watch engraved with a serial number. This number and some children, but the difference can be immediately obvious, because the form is not exact figures and the inscription adacimea is superficial. A watch stylish enough to accompany an evening dress sophisticated, yet enough sport to be displayed on board a convertible cars, Chopard Imperiale Chrono All Black stand out immediately despite the aura of mystery conferred by the intensive use of black color . Each surface of the dial has been carefully designed to ensure optimal legibilitate and, where present, diamonds encrusted on the bezel adds contrast and exclusive refinement. A great advantage to choose the best watch is almost indistinguishable. Your friend and other people think that you are wearing the original. They want you, which in turn will boost your ego and confidence. Suddenly, you become the center of replique montre attraction.

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