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Nike’s footwear tributes to Bo Jackson continue this month, thankfully, with another shoe inspired by the legendary athlete’s prowess on the baseball diamond, both in real life and video games. As such, and as we’ve occasionally seen in the past, a digitized, 8-bit version of the man himself even appears on each tongue. Behold — the Nike Air Trainer SC Broken Bats.

Embracing an aesthetic that’s purely Baseball Bo, the shoe employs a white leather upper www.richmoseley.co.uk with “Royals” blue accents, an homage to the MLB team with whom Bo played for most of his career. The shoe’s leather rand features woodgrain texturing meanwhile, lending it an eye-catchingly premium look, while video game-informed elements include pixelated versions of Bo’s number 16 on each heel and Bo himself on either tongue.

Finally, each translucent outsole honors Bo’s now-legendary, folkloric practice of occasionally shattering a bat over his knee: “BROKEN” adorns one foot, “BATS” the other.

Just two days remain until the Nike Kobe 9 Elite Perspective releases this Saturday, the second of three intricately detailed, stylishly colored Kobe 9s dropping in March.

In case you missed it, or if you just need a refresher, the Perspective looks to classic art for its design cues — much like next weekend’s Nike Air Max Classic BW Dámské Michelangelo-inspired “Detail” edition — sporting a look influenced by Picasso’s Blue Period.

The Flyknit upper is cloaked in blue and interspersed with black through the toe, while solid black appears on the midsole, carbon fiber piecing and knit collar. Around the ankle, striking volt-based graphics pay tribute to Picasso’s Cubist leanings, and the heel-sutures sport the usual red.

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