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Speed limit enforcement cameras – fixed or mobile are used to monitor compliance with speed limits in some area

• Quit sign enforcement

• Automatic Number Plate Reputation System (ANPR) quick can track the movement of vehicles for any purpose

Legal issues

As numerous states and countries there are Wholesale Oklahoma State Cowboys Jersey , that many legal issue arises resulting from using cameras by police force. In most of them if you get a speeding photo you are able to state that it has not been you and you do not know who was driving you vehicle in that time – in this case you must pay a ticket but a minimum of you don’t get issued demerit points. Second option is to complete a form stating it was not you driving a vehicle at certain time and give law enforcement department details of the one who was using your vehicle at that time.

Many concerns arise on whether photo radar is legal. Imagine if the camera captured the wrong car and made the innocent driver to pay for the fine? Unfortunately all those questions still remain unanswered. Those who agree along with photo radar cameras say that it is a great way to catch more drivers who don’t care about the law along with to reduce the number of accidents in areas under police surveillance.

Those who are against it say that the use of these surveillance cameras from these crossroads violate the constitutional rights of motorists. The constitutional right that a person is innocent until proven guilty does not apply in this case. It is rather you might be guilty until proven harmless.

You then only plug-in one cable that you run through the firewall into the easy to connect interface which mounts under your dash.

Plug within the display and controller; connect the interface to a 12-volt power supply like your fuse box and your done!

A typical install may take less than 45 minutes and in fact that is why they named the device

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