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Many couples need guidance in identifying the specific problems they can tackle in improving their marriages or relationships.

You might feel that "something is wrong" or something hurts or doesn't feel right Myles Garrett Browns Jersey , but you can't exactly put your finger on it.

It can frequently be helpful to have something like a "danger signs" chart (like used in helping people diagnose cancer or other disorders). This kind of "chart" can help you pinpoint areas of pain or discomfort... and thus help know where to put your focus.

Also, you might wonder whether you should just "ignore it and it will go away..." and could use some help in identifying areas or "danger signs" that are really significant (and shouldn't just "be ignored").

These are not minor complaints! Any single one of them could end up being the source of profound discomfort, even leading to thoughts of divorce!

It's absolutely essential that you pay attention now and not later to these "danger signs." One of the biggest challenges (and most painful and sad experiences) I have had over my many years as a couples therapist is seeing good and wonderful people coming to therapy almost "too late Nick Chubb Browns Jersey ," when they should have shown up years earlier.

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