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esis are now made of methyl methacrylate, a high quality medical grade acrylic. In fact there are several types from which to choose according to the individual needs of the patient.

The majority of people require an orbital implant to replace the inner eye following its removal during a surgery called an enucleation. After the orbital implant is in place, a prosthetic is created by an ocularist to match the companion eye. This prosthetic is not round as one might expect .

When an enucleation is not required, but instead the inner eye is removed during a surgery called an evisceration Tanoh Kpassagnon Youth Jersey , the white of the eye, or sclera, is left in tact. In this case the orbital implant is not needed and the sclera can be covered with an artificial eye called a scleral shell. A scleral shell is a much thinner than the other type of ocular prosthetic. Like a regular ocular prosthetic, the scleral shell is crafted by an ocularist to match the companion eye. In some cases Chris Conley Youth Jersey , a scleral shell can be worn to cover a damaged eye that does not require removal in order to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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