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The Porsche have not been that successful when it came to Formula one racing. However when Porsche first entered into races they astonished the world with their performance But when they got into Formula one they got some very mixed results. The season that started in 1961 and ran through to 1962 Porsche was a constructor but they only managed to scrape one win which was in a championship race and then a week later they one again but this was not in a championship race. And at the end of the season Porsche decided to give it up as a bad job and due to financial pressures they just could not see it as a viable option Formula one is the most expensive sport to get into and well you need to be producing some results to enable you to get some sponsorship and well Porsche just was not doing that.

Porsche made a come back in 1983 to Formula one however this time they were only supplying engines and not actually competing. The engines compete at the high level and best of all this also showed to the world that the engines are reliable and quick and well if you own a prestigious sports car company then this can only increase your popularity.

With in ten years Porsche decided to give it another go and in 1991 hey started supplying engines to Footwork and the results were a joke. The Footwork team didn't even score a single point throughout the whole season but not only that they didn't even get to qualify for half the races and since 1991 Porsche has not competed in Formula one. However from what I remember the Footwork cars were sold off to the lower Formulas like Formula Two and they were incredible cars as I know a guy who competed in an old Porsche Powered Footwork

However Porsche do still have a big racing background around the world but these are normally by amateur enthusiast drivers who do it for fun at the weekends these guys and girls have a big wallets that have to be full of cash as racing is exceptionally expensive and this only helps Porsche as the supply of new parts is always needed especially when cars get written off on a regular basis. The Porsche Michelin Super Cup is the only professional race and they only go and support the European Formula one events so although Porsche only had a short lived success in Formula One they still have a big racing following
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