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Guys into maintaining the fitness of their body understand the important role diet plays in staying healthy. The right food choices can make a huge difference in overall health; and indeed Authentic Adam Thielen Jersey , these same food choices can be instrumental in improving male organ health as well. But what are some foods men should consider consuming if maintaining proper male organ health is their goal? The follow list includes good choices.


It’s not just because of their phallic shape that bananas are recommended for improving member health. Most fruits are a good choice for men, but the banana has several things going for it. First, it is a good source of potassium, which is great for heart health and blood circulation, both of which are helpful in tumescence function. (Remember, the spongy tissue in the member soaks up blood to become firm. Better blood circulation aids this process Kyle Rudolph Jersey , and the heart has to be in good shape to keep pumping that blood around.) Potassium also helps reduce sodium levels in the blood. Second, the banana contains tyrosine, an amino acid that helps produce the neurotransmitters that increase sensual drive. People also get dietary fiber from bananas, and that can help lower cholesterol, keeping a guy in better shape for sensual shenanigans.


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