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Guangzhou R&F broke the deadlock in the 29th minute while Tang Miao scored a superb strike. Guangzhou extended the lead in the 53rd while Xiao Zhi collected Jiang Zhipeng' s pass and powered home a diving header. The 2-0 result ended Chongqing's 5-game unbeaten streak.

In a previous match played Saturday afternoon, Liaoning Whowin tied Shanghai Shenhua 0-0. Enditem

There are all sorts of laptop cases for different people Arden Key Jersey , whatever your profession or vocation, there is a laptop case or bag that would suit you. Knowing this, let me say that some laptop cases are ideal for some people than others.

There are quite a number of things that would determine which laptop case or bag is suitable for an individual. These factors include the person’s dress sense,vocation or profession and others. At times these things are linked. By this i mean that one thing affects the other; some people dress the way they do because of the work they do. Having noted this, let us look at what a business person would want in hisher laptop case.

I honestly doubt it if there is anyone that will love to lug two cases around; one laptop case and perhaps a briefcase. I am positive that no business person will relish the thought of doing this. Now considering how important the documents in the briefcase are and how important the laptop also is, laptop cases manufacturers have made it possible and easy for business men to safely carry both their laptops and their important documents. To this end Brandon Parker Jersey , there are now laptop cases that have compartments for laptops and also compartments for your documents and other stuff a business man would want to carry.

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Producers of laptop cases always consider the inclination of different individuals

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